He is responsible for managing the physical server and the panel page. With his expertise in server administration, he ensures smooth operation and optimal performance of our service. He possesses a deep knowledge of server configuration, security, and maintenance. His skills contribute to the stability and reliability of our services.


Website Designer

They have played a significant role in making our website visually appealing and user-friendly. With their expertise in website design, Kuroo has contributed to creating an engaging and intuitive user experience with their creativity and attention to detail within the aesthetics of our projects.



With an impressive 5 years of coding experience, she has played a crucial role in coding the website and developing Discord bots using Node.js. Despite just turning 19, Toast is a talented university student who is already in her final year of studies, pursuing a degree in computer science. Her dedication and passion for programming have helped shape our projects and contribute to their success.


Panel Manager

Hello, I'm Stryker or known as Stryker3k Jnr online. Mainly a gamer outside of school. My favourite game is Minecraft at the moment which I mainly play with friends. My role here at Storinate Hosting is mainly assisting users with panel issues, help make servers for customers or anything panel related that I have the ability to do. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to join our discord server and ask.